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What You Should Know About Introverts

April 26, 2018

I recently discovered a website called Introvert Dear filled with articles about Introverts. After reading several articles I was hooked, every single pin-point totally explained how I, an ISTJ introvert, feel and think. As an introvert, I have been accused of "people hating", being "un-social" and many other popular false beliefs that people have about introverts, and I have realized that introverts are often falsely interpreted. With that being said, I would like to clear up many of the misunderstandings that people have about introverts in hopes that you may be able to understand the introverts among you.

"Introverts are not necessarily socially awkward. Just like shyness, social awkwardness is a separate trait from introversion. Many introverts can actually be quite charismatic in social situations.  -Introvert Dear
Introverts are often thought to be shy and socially awkward people but that isn't true! I know introverts who are the complete opposite of shy. My father, for instance, is an introvert and is not shy at all. My Mother, who is an extrovert, is very shy in front of new people. That just shows that not all introverts are shy and extroverts can be. I am a very shy (and sometimes socially awkward) introvert.

Introverts don’t hate people. An introvert’s lack of chitchat is often misinterpreted. People take it as a sign that we don’t like others. The truth is the opposite. Introverts often avoid small talk because we consider it to be inauthentic. We crave a more meaningful connection with the people we talk to. -Introvert Dear
 I am accused of hating people all the time. I don't hate people at all. But what I do hate are small meaningless conversations. In other words, I could be doing other things. But if you want to start a meaningful conversation I will gladly lend an ear!
Introverts aren’t rude. Yes, if an introvert is completely out of social energy, we might start getting a little crabby or simply zone out. But we’re not trying to be rude — and we’ll be a lot more friendly if you give us some time to recharge alone. -Introvert Dear
Social events drain all of the energy out of my body and it doesn't matter if I am having an enjoyable time or not. Whether I am attending a party or sharing tea with a friend, afterward I usually end up locking myself in my bedroom for a good solid hour. And as much as I hate to admit this, I do get crabby after all of my social energy has been drained out!

Now that we have a few of those misunderstandings cleared up, my friends on Instagram have a few questions about my introvert-ness.

Are people suprised you're an introvert? -Megan
 Not at all! After I took a personality test (twice) I learned that I am 15% extrovert and 85% introvert so I think that my personality has introvert written all over it.
Do you often wish you were an extrovert? -Jana
Yes and no. I love being an introvert but believe it or not, sometimes I envy extroverts! When I attend a big social event (which I rarely do) I tend to stay close to the walls and avoid the center while extroverts tend to stick to party central. Sometimes I wish that I would have the guts and want to enjoy the center crowd but at the same time, I am completely content in my own little corner.

Do you get along with extroverts or introverts? -Emmaline
 Most of my close friends are extroverts and I love being around them. I get along with both personality types but I hit it off better with extroverts.

Have you ever had extrovert moments? -Shannon
Like I mentioned earlier I am 15% extrovert and 85% introvert so I would say that I occasionally have extroverted moments. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert you can have times where you act or feel like the opposite personality type.  

Do you have special powers as an introvert over an extrovert? -Hadassah
Yes, we do! We are people watchers and probably know more about you than you think we do, just by watching. I know that sounds creepy to be people watchers but it's the truth!

Are you an introvert?
Do you understand us better now?
Are you surprised that I am an introvert?
-Karina aka Miss Introvert

browns and denim.

March 16, 2018

This outfit! Ahhh. It lights up my heart when I wear it. I have worn this outfit three times in one week. Don't worry, I washed it before I wore it again. 

This outfit has a subtle '80s vibe which is hella cute!

The shirt is from TJ MAXX, jean jacket from LEVI'S, jeans from CHARLOTTE RUSSE, shoes NIKE. The purse is a vintage camera case! 

love striking outfits

February 8, 2018

Hello, fearfully + wonderfully made people! " I love you day" is coming up which means it is time for another outfit post. today I am going to share with you my three Valentine's Day inspired outfits. P.S. Stay until the end to see who I will be spending V-day with this year!

outfit #1
This first outfit is more on the fancy side and is girly + edgy. The pink shirt is from Maurice, black leather vest from Aeropostale, the watch is from Claire's, pleated skirt from H&M, and the shoes were a gift.

outfit #2
This "cutiful" outfit is semi-casual but still very adorable. Wearing a shorter dress as a shirt not only looks super hip but is also a modesty hack! to check out my modesty hack post click here. the earrings, blanket scarf, + dress are from Charlotte Russe, jeans are from American eagle, and shoes were a gift.
(if you aren't familiar with tying a blanket scarf read this post)

outfit #3
This outfit is definitely on the more casual side!
the grey draped cardigan is from Maurice, the shirt is from my moms closet, jeans are from American Eagle, and my shoes were a gift. 

Now I would like to introduce to the boy who has my heart! This little fluff ball's name is Punchy and we will be spending Valentine's Day cuddling by the fireplace. Did you think I gave a piece of my heart to a human?! You should know that I prefer dogs over dudes, therefore the possibility of me being in a relationship with a human is unlikely. No,  that is not a comment coming from an anti-Valentine's Day + anti-boy kind of girl just because she didn't get a (human) date for this love striking season. I, a sixteen-year-old girl, am not giving my heart away to just anyone yet. Once you give your heart away you can't get all of it back and when dating you should have a mindset of marriage. Can you see me getting married at sixteen? Yeah, I can't see that either. Hence, I am waiting for my Prince Charming to come into my life in God's timing. 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day this year?